The right course of study

Many students know the unpleasant feeling that spreads after a few semesters: Am I right here or did I study the wrong and should change?

If the motivation to study dwindles – perhaps because of the inconvenience of additional courses in mathematics, statistics, Latin or Greek – this is no reason to despair. Because the universities have not come up with such tasks out of malice, but out of the consideration that the additional seminars, lectures and exercises in the management of the subjects are necessary.

Motivation and self-motivation

If you really want to become a psychologist, social scientist, or old historian, you should not let it dissuade you from a mere mood or a sudden feeling of insecurity and overstrain: On the one hand, there are better opportunities today than ever before, new content quickly, effectively, and without much effort to acquire: In addition to the classic textbooks have entered a variety of audiovisual media, which prepare the topics in a meaningful way and convey.

In addition, it makes sense to block the retreat paths during a temporary flight into procrastination or inactivity; Together with fellow students who may be facing similar problems, the material can be better processed and processed.

Dropout, change or hold?

In some cases, however, this is not enough and it comes to serious problems or even crises during the study, the demolition or change appear as an easy way out. Nevertheless, the decision must be carefully considered.

This is especially true when the study is already well advanced and much effort, time and money have been invested. Under certain circumstances, it is even easier to “pull through” the study, although the help of third parties can certainly be used; Co-students may help to better understand complex relationships, academic ghostwriters can be used as consultants, assist in research, or excite literature.